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Below is a list of professionals that Dan works with on a regular basis. They share a common philosophy in client care and service and he routinely refers his clients out for services which he does not offer. He endorses each of these professionals and is confident in the service you will receive from them.  If you have any interest in contacting anyone on this list, please do not hesitate to ask him.

  • Rich MacDonald - CPA. Rich has been my personal and business CPA for more than 10 years. His knowledge of tax laws has saved me time and money and his business advice is valuable.

  • Gail Gosnell - Business Marketing. Gail understands what a business will need to become highly visible within the business and community world. Her work is outstanding and produces results.

  • Dan Johnson - Banker. Dan can be truly defined as a personal banker serving the community and interested in your business goals. He is always reachable and available, looking out for my best interest.

  • Scott Seraphin - Attorney. Scott has handled many of my business transactions and is proactive in keeping my business on track. Scott can explain to me the legal language to where I can understand everything I sign.

  • Dale Spencer - Mortgage Broker. Dale will work his hardest to find you the financial peace you need when looking for a financial instrument. He is at the top in his profession.

  • Paul Payne - Wealth Advisor. Paul has managed my wealth portfolio for more than 10 years keeping me ahead of the market and increasing my wealth. His advice is always to my benefit whether personal or business.

Anything is Possible

The organizations that Dan is currently involved with or is currently a member of are the International Coaches Federation, various Associations, ACA Business Club, Christ Community Church, Ascend Alumni Group, and Coaches Forums.

Dan is on the leadership team and a coach for EvolveUSA, an organization devoted to providing business owners the peer group support they need during the time leading up to the selling of their business, the actual transaction, and life transition afterwards.

Are you ready to reach your full potential?

I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their full potential.

Bob Nardelli, CEO, Home Depot